I started this blog to reflect and learn from a program where I was responsible for the PMO.  In the series “Applied Kanban Values: transforming the PMO” I describe how we moved from a traditional report-driven function to a team driving improvement.

The “PMO” for me still represents a lot of root causes to way-of-working problems in the enterprise. It’s the department I like to challenge but that also made me frustrated so many times. That’s why I named my blog The Agile PMO. A contradiction really.

When we started the transformation we set up a vision that at the time seemed unreachable. But we made it and the most important steps to reach the vision I have written about.

But then when we got there, to this unreachable state, this wonderful place to be in, I felt empty: what now?

My name is Maria and I have worked with web development in the travel industry for many years. I’m into “way of working” and especially how to manage when you have the conservative enterprise-program-expectations on one side and flow-driven product-development teams on the other.

This is what I enjoy and I just started a new journey.


Maria Alfredéen