Standard Products and Differentiators: Getting the Worst of Two Worlds

Time to retire the dinosaur system born in the seventies. How hard can it be with today’s technology? There are plenty of standard products out there that can do the job. And you get so much additional functionality instantly plus all the features planned in the beautiful product road map! Continue reading

Risk Management with Mob Programming

Having observed our mob programming teams for sometime I’d like to highlight one benefit: business risk management.

Many of our development teams have a 24/7 online business to support. And about 70% of our total business happens online. Imagine the risk associated with not having the right knowledge available instantly when needed.

Every year when summer and holiday planning comes up we have the same challenge: how to secure operations when most people are away? And even if knowledge sharing was good there were always the special details that only one or two people knew.

Well, this summer this is not an issue. Everyone in the team knows every piece of their product. Everyone has been involved in every change, all discussions, all deploys and knows every flaw there is to know.

One of the highest business risks mitigated.