From Push to Pull, Lesson 4: Flight 997 to Shanghai*

At my first job, 20 years ago at a fine Swedish software company, the marketing manager enthusiastically used to say: “Remember, everyone works in the marketing department!” 

I think, in the enterprise, nothing causes so much push as the view of IT as a disconnected group of people with little business knowledge, that delivers to business. This view fosters behaviours and processes to control the “unpredictable and untrustworthy” IT department. Along come all the processes and artefacts that have no place in a lean world. Like the devastating internal SLA. Continue reading

From Push to Pull, Lesson 2: Ownership

In August, I started a new journey and also a new blog series: From Push to Pull covers my first observations and reflections at my new job. The first post is about communication: how basic habits negatively impact a workplace and contribute to create a Push system. This second post is about the importance of Ownership.

The Observation

Our product has received seriously negative customer feedback for a long time. One could therefore expect devoted engagement and a strong drive, but it wasn’t there. I wondered why? Continue reading

From Push to Pull, Lesson One: Enterprise Communication

One of my first observations at my new job was that I had come to a very meeting- and mail-intense workplace. After one day my calendar was fully booked and my inbox flooded. I realised my big plans for fast changes would soon be shattered, since I would be so busy running to important meetings and reading even more important emails.

Having coworkers enthusiastically filling each other’s calendars and inboxes creates a destructive Push culture. These basic actions form whether someone else controls your time (Push) or you decide yourself how to make the best of it (Pull). Continue reading